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1. Begin the Process

  • Bob Zadeh goes over agency, confidentiality and his fiduciary duty to you.
  • Bob is Chosen as a Realtor
  • Complete all necessary paperwork.
  • Discuss reasons for wanting to buy.
  • Bob Zadeh will help you pre approved for a mortgage.
  • Set a budget Choose and area and style of home.
  • Create a list of your property needs.

2. Viewing Properties

  • Bob will create a personal site, showing all properties available as per buyers request.
  • Choose the best 6-7 properties from the personal site.
  • Set a time to view properties.
  • Bob Zadeh will set appointments to view the properties.
  • Bob will provide you with a tour sheet and either meet you at the location or drive you.
  • Continue until we have found the right property.

3. Making the Offer

  • Bob will make a CMA to determine the market value of the property.
  • Bob will review market condition and negotiating strategy.
  • Bob will consult with you the terms and subjects of the offer.
  • Determine closing dates.
  • Bob will prepare the offer, and negotiate on your behalf.
  • Pay first deposit into Bob’s company’s trust account.

4. Due Diligence

  • Inform lender and arrange bank appraisal and get approval on financing.
  • Hire a property inspector, and review inspection report.
  • Review property title.
  • Review land use and zoning. Review PDS.
  • Review any other important information and documentation.
  • If subject are approved, Bob will remove them from the contract.
  • Pay any remaining deposit amount into Bob’s company’s trust account.

5. Prepare for completion

  • Inform Bob of chose lawyer or notary.
  • Attain insurance on property.
  • Hire a moving company.
  • Contact post office regarding change of address.
  • Call your services and inform them of your move. I.e. cable, phone, hydro.

6. Transaction Completes

  • Attend lawyers office about 1 week before completion date.
  • Give balance of downpayment to lawyer.
  • Review statement of adjustments with lawyer.
  • Ratify the mortgage documents with lawyer.
  • Ratify all title transfer documents with lawyer.

7. Possession Day

  • Title is registered to your name, and registration number is given.
  • Bob will get a key from seller.
  • On possession date, Bob will meet you at the property and inspect the property.
  • Move into your new home!
  • Write a testimonial for Bob Zadeh.
  • Don’t forget to keep sending referrals to Bob Zadeh.
  • Bob Zadeh has created a relationship for life.

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