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1. Begin the Process

  • Meet with Bob Zadeh at the property for a private showing
  • Outline key features of the property
  • Discuss reason(s) for selling
  • Bob Zadeh will outline reason he would fit perfectly as your Realtor
  • Bob Zadeh sets up second appointment
  • Bob Zadeh conducts extensive research to determine the most appropriate price.
  • Bob Zadeh meets client for the second time and give a detailed presentation outlining price and reason.


2. Paperwork and Preparation

  • Bob Zadeh goes over agency, confidentiality and his fiduciary duty to you.
  • Bob Zadeh goes over his duties in Schedule A.
  • Complete all necessary paperwork.
  • Bob Zadeh will discuss with you whether or not property needs to be staged.
  • Bob Zadeh will discuss when it’s appropriate to host an open house.
  • Bob Zadeh receives keys.


3. Paperwork and Preparation

  • Property will be posted on MLS with exposure to 14000+ agents in BC.
  • Property will be posted on which will be seen worldwide.
  • Property will also be posted on Bob’s website which gets 1000s (and growing) of visits a month.
  • Property will be posted on which exposes the property to the public Hired professional will take photos and a video tour.
  • Property Hi-Res photos and information will be posted to all of Bob Zadeh’s major Social Media sites.
  • Bob Zadeh will print professional full color features sheets outlining the property to potential buyers.
  • Property will also be on display for 200 agents in the office.


4. Negotiations

  • Bob receives offer(s).
  • Bob presents offer to seller.
  • Bob outlines the details of the offer and discuses the subject and conditions.
  • Bob prepares a counter-offer.
  • Presents counter-offer to agent (this process will continue until both parties are satisfied).
  • Bob will co-operate with buyer’s side to make sure all subject are met by the deadline.


5. Prepare for Completion

  • Inform Bob Zadeh of your lawyer or notary.
  • Hire a moving company
  • Inform management company of your move. (if applicable)
  • Contact Canada post of your address change.
  • Call your services and inform them of your move. I.e. cable, phone, hydro.
  • Visit lawyers office
  • Review statement of adjustments
  • Confirm all title transfer documents with lawyer.
  • Title is registered to buyers name, and registration number is given.


6. Possession

  • Time to move out!
  • Seller makes sure home is professionally cleaned and repairs are done. (if applicable)
  • Bob Zadeh gives keys to new buyer on possession date
  • Write a testimonial for Bob Zadeh.
  • Don’t forget to keep sending referrals to Bob Zadeh
  • Bob Zadeh has created a relationship for life.

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